Shipping Policy

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Shipping policy of the MuSeum

Our primary aim is to ship our products in a quick, safe and inexpensive manner. We try our best to ship goods to you as soon as possible. On an average, it takes us about 5 business days to ship goods out of our warehouses across India.Orders shall be confirmed only by email.

For customised idols orders, sample images only will be sent, against which the order can be confirmed.The timeline for making idols quoted is approximate, realtime may vary accordingly to the products The idols have to be certified as new and custom made as per the order by the Govt of India.Dispatch shall be done only after the idols are certified for shipment.

The packing charges for most of the items are added along with the shipping charges, while for a product with a weight of 5 kgs and above the packing shall be quoted seperately based on the destination to send. We have added packing weight as a variable to each product, which will reflect in the product weight. The packing charges are also applicable for all products for shipment outside India.

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